Graduate Studies

Graduate Diploma in Orthodox Theology (30 credits)

The Graduate Diploma provides more specialized knowledge of key aspects of the Orthodox tradition, and aims to engender a broad reflection on the destiny of Orthodox Christianity in the 21st century. Strongly rooted in the age-old tradition of the Orthodox Church, the programme initiates students to both ancient and modern-day authors in order to provide a solid basis for understanding the major contemporary challenges facing Orthodoxy.

Programme Objectives

Through the use of well-structured seminars and lectures, the programme aims to enable students to:

✚ Assess the current status of the Orthodox Christian world;

✚ Learn about contemporary issues and challenges faced by the Orthodox Church;

✚ Familiarize themselves with the founding texts of the Orthodox tradition;

✚ Improve their understanding of the history and theology of the Orthodox Church;

✚ Reflect on major themes of Orthodox spirituality and liturgical practice; and

✚ Develop a research project in Orthodox theology.

Programme Structure

The programme is structured according to four modules: Required Courses; Foundational Texts of the Orthodox Church; Historical Aspects and Theology of the Orthodox Tradition; and Orthodox Culture and Spirituality.

Advancement Perspectives

Students who complete the Graduate Diploma in Orthodox Theology can obtain credit towards a Master’s Degree in Theology from Université Laval. Additional requirements for a Master’s Degree include a supervised thesis. It is also possible to pursue a Doctorate in theology in an area related to Orthodox theology. For more information concerning the possibilities of advanced graduate studies, please contact the Montreal Institute of Orthodox Theology.