Directors and Officers

Board of Directors

  • Dr. John Hadjinicolaou, Chairman
  • Dr. Evangelia-Lila Amirali
  • Evthymios Katsikas
  • Dr. Thomas Kolivakis
  • Rev. Dr. Athanasios Giocas
  • Dr. David Goodin
  • Paul Pasarivakis
  • Rev. Elias Fonseca


  • Dr. John Hadjinicolaou, President
  • Rev. Dr. Athanasios Giocas, Secretary/Director of Communications and Public Relations Officer
  • Paul Pasarivakis, Treasurer
  • Me Stuart Iverson, Strategic Planning
  • Nicholas Pantelopoulos, Director of Information Systems and Technology
  • Rev. Olmedo Fonseca, Latin America Initiative