President’s Message

For many years, we have been discreetly labouring in the Lord’s vineyard with a view to establishing a credible presence for Orthodox theological education in Quebec. Throughout this journey, and sometimes against all odds, we have successfully created a resoundingly inclusive and pan-orthodox classroom environment, in cooperation with – not in competition with – the various local Orthodox jurisdictions. This achievement stems from many factors, not the least of which are the dedication of our faculty, the enthusiasm of our students and alumni, and the valuable support of our partner since 1998, the Faculté de théologie et d’études religieuses at the Université de Sherbrooke. Sadly, the Sherbrooke theological faculty was closed in 2015.  Since then however, we have been especially blessed to be able to form a new partnership with the first-rate Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies of Université Laval.

The basic foundations are being laid for what we hope will be a very long-lasting endeavour. The future of the Montreal Institute of Orthodox Theology very much depends on our ability to continue on the path of humble service that has allowed us to garner the trust and confidence of so many. Please continue to support and pray for the Institute and all our volunteers.

In Christ,

John Hadjinicolaou